January 2 super moon horoscope

Leo the Lion is said to be a creative and passionate cosmic energy tied to cheer and good humour. People born under this sign are said to be generous and warm-hearted but can come across as arrogant, lazy and stubborn at times. Astrologers believe Leo appreciates people who take holidays, enjoy time spent with friends and indulge themselves in expensive shopping trips once in a while.

The Blood Moon eclipse might also overwhelm you with energies driven by a so-called Grand Cross in the heavens. Read more about your daily horoscope reading with astrologer Russell Grant here. The main theme is gaining, achieving, manifesting Victor Oddo, astrologer.

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Eclipse Why does the Blood Moon turn red during a total eclipse? It deals with ideologies, and at its most highly evolved stands for equality, diversity, innovation, reform, collaboration and community. Without its opposite sign, Leo, Aquarians are in danger of being too detached from their feelings. The sun of Leo, the warmth and heart energy of Leo brings a needed balance to the Aquarian.

What Does A Super Blue Blood Moon Mean For Your Sign? January 2018's Second Full Moon Is A Doozy

This is the challenge of this eclipse. This full moon has many names attached to it. This will tint the color of the moon. The term wolf full moon, we are told, refers to a name given by the Native American people. In January, when the weather is at its coldest, the wolves would gather outside the villages on the night of the full moon and howl the night away, declaring their hunger. As for the astrology of this super, blood, wolf, full moon we have an interesting mix.

Because of the proximity of the lunar eclipse to the full moon we have an intensification of our emotions. Some have termed this full moon a full moon on steroids. So be watching for any over reactiveness or mood swings. Getting clear about your own needs and being courageous in asking for what you want will help temper the desire to strike back in defensiveness. The sun and moon make a T-square to the planet Uranus at this full moon.

That brings the energy of rebellion, revolution, the unexpected.

Full Moon in January , Full Moon in Leo 0°50’, January 21 | paromipira.gq

The other possibility with Uranus is that is presents us with unexpected opportunities and the possibility of breakthroughs and personal transformation. So, in spite of what is going on in the world, it will be important to keep your heart open and stay focused on the positive possibilities that you can imagine for yourself and our country. In this meditation we will be pausing a couple of times to contemplate some questions. Therefore, it would be handy to have a pen and some paper handy to write down your impressions.

Also, a reminder that you can pause this recording at any time to give yourself more time if you need it. Begin by making sure you are in a comfortable place. Spine relatively erect and feeling a softness throughout your body.

Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, January 12222

Gently close your eyes and allow yourself to be still. Rest your attention on the breath for a few moments. Relaxing as you breathe in and relaxing as you breathe out. Begin to feel the body let go, into a deep feeling of relaxation. Gently be aware of any places of constriction or tightness in the body and breath light into those areas, giving them permission to loosen and release. This is the light of your Soul, your Higher Self. It contains all that is of the highest in you.

Begin to imagine that this ball of light is positioned right in front of your abdomen. See it there as clearly as you can. Now imagine as you inhale that the ball of light, the light of your Soul, is traveling up your body to the top of your head. As you exhale the ball of light travels down your spinal column into the earth. So, inhale, up to the head, exhales down the spinal column.

This is the color of Aquarius. It brings our hearts and minds into cooperative relationship.

Welcome to Capricorn season, Virgo!

It blends our heart and mind. Rest, for a moment, in this energy of peaceful connection. Allow it to create a tenderness, openness, and receptivity within you. As you focus on this openness and receptivity invite the energies of this full moon and the lunar eclipse into your body. Feel yourself welcoming them with faith and trust and re-affirm your commitment to use these energies in a way that will help uplift humanity.

Your January Monthly Love Horoscope: What Will 2018 Bring Up For You?

Now let us contemplate our first question. We will sit in silence for a few moments as you contemplate this question. If you wish, write down your thoughts. If you have been made aware of what is in the way, are you willing to do the work required to release this old pattern? Write down your intention. Please also write these down.

Then ask yourself if you are willing to put these gifts out into the world, no matter what size the offering?

Ring in the new year with a sparkling meteor shower, a pair of eclipses, and a planet parade.

With appreciation and gratitude for whatever insights you might have made, bring yourself gently back to your room and when you are ready slowly open your eyes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Please leave this field empty. What is standing in the way? Are we willing to release it with love and compassion?