Capricorn and capricorn cusp horoscope

They are expert in utilizing the power of silence to manage their purpose. Silence or restraint in speech also helps them to keep the flock together whether at work or in relations. They need to check their fluctuating mood and help in controlling the swinging mood. They are great to have by your side and they like one-to-one competition and can be very methodical to tackle this competition. They are hard working, humorous, exploring and caring people. Some of the positive traits of these people are reliable, loyal, self-reliant, ambitious, joyous, responsible, positive, romantic, energetic, playful and charming.

They are short-tempered, belligerent, impulsive, and blunt. These people love children and they can turn out to be very good teachers.

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They are keen observers and can also be great critics providing astute analysis. They are also known to appreciate travelling and visiting exotic places.

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  7. Home Other Astrology Articles. A team of a Capricorn-Aquarian cusp and a Gemini has all the potential to be the best entertainers in a social gathering. Also, both are avid dreamers and have a peculiarly curious mind. They will not only connect because of their shared inclination to intellectualism, but also because they both are social animals. This combo is definitely up for a fab start. Capriquarians are also inclined towards experimenting and finding out their own paths, just like the twins. Also, they both have the shared sense of eccentricity and rebelliousness in them.

    The only problem that we see arising in this pair is the tendency of the twins to shift from one thought to another, thereby losing focus and discipline. This may bother our disciplined and somewhat traditional cuspian to quite a great extent.

    Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

    This can be kept in check with the versatility and vividity that these cusps can offer the twins. With that aspect kept in check, they are truly made for each other. What brings these two signs together is their need to serve mankind. Both are true humanitarians at heart and are born to help others get their due share of freedom and rights.

    Born on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

    Like our cuspians, even those belonging to the Virgo symbol are quite the disciplinarians. Both appreciate the need for goal achievement, following one's passion, having a disciplined approach, valuing tradition and culture, and making this world a better place for themselves and others. Another thing that works great for their compatibility is the fact that both these signs can be practical and emotional at the same time. Meaning, they can easily switch from being practical and stern for work, and emotional and caring when it comes to love.

    Not all have the capability to switch like that. Also, the Virgin shares the tendency of these cuspians to be critical at times, but this sign does it in a way that inspires the water-bearing sea goats to thrive furthermore in their endeavor. This is what makes Virgo a great match for Capricorn-Aquarius cusps. Yes, they will have their share of conflicts and creative differences, but Virgos can be a great inspiration for these cuspians in their path to making dreams come into reality. All that Capricorn-Aquarius individuals need is appreciation for their eccentricity.

    While some signs may want all the applauds for themselves, those mentioned in this list are among those who wouldn't mind being the man or woman behind the success of their love, as long as they get some appreciation in return.

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